Study in Canada

Study in Canada

As a student, the desicions that you make about your education in one of the most important ones that you will ever make. Your career choice, the quality of the education you obtain, and recognition of your hard earned degree or diploma, all have a direct impact on your future. We at Can Future Consultants are here to assist and guide you in this decision making process.

We believe that Canada offers several important advantages over other countries:

  • A high standard of education system that is recognized world wide. All the major colleges and universities in Canada are publicly funded. Unlike Australia or New Zealand, the education system was never set up as a business but rather to ensure its own citizens and residents have access to quality education. You are not likely to find recruiters from Canadian colleges and universities coming to India to actively recruit Indian foreign students. Just as in India, all the good colleges and universities in Canada usually have more students applying than there are seats. There is no need to recruit from a foreign country in order to sustain itself.
  • Relatively lower cost of education. A remarkable feat of the Canadian eduation system is that it has a relatively lower cost when compared with other first world countries–significantly lower that the United States and about the same or often even lower than in Australia, the UK or New Zealand.
  • A new class of future immigrants. Recent changes in the Canadian immigration policy rewards you for your experience of living and studying in Canada. Upon completion of your programme of studies of 2 years or more, you can now apply from within Canada for immigration / permanent residence. Can Future Consultants will make all the necessary applications if you choose to become a legal immigrant of Canada.
  • Canada is a safe country for foreign students. There is absolutely no difference between you as a foreign student and a Canadian student. Both inside the campuses and outside in the cities you would be treated just as any other Canadian. Although racism does exist in every part of the world, and Canada is no exception, you would be hard pressed to find the kind of repeated stories of racism that dominate the media these days from other countries.

Whether you choose to come back to India or start your career as an new immigrant to Canada after graduation, we at Can Future Consultants believe that getting an education from a Canadian publicly funded educational institution is a privledge that will distinguish you from the rest of the competition.

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